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Our book subscription is BACK! Purchase this subscription for your child (reading level first second, and/or third grade) and receive 20% off for this package deal!

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This book subscription features TWELVE of our education mission books!

How it works:

Your child will receive one book per month mailed to them during the last week of each month. You can choose to have it mailed to your name, or theirs (so exciting for them).


  1. Kyle and the Cape of Courage by Martin Gregoire (Cerebral Palsy)
  2. Down for the Holidays by Jessica Cassick (Down Syndrome)
  3. Pearl Spots a Friend by Cheyanne Perry Suarez (Mast Cell Disorders)
  4. Elise Keeps Smiling by Jessica Cassick (Melanoma)
  5. My Happy Place by Amy Crockford (Deaf Awareness)
  6. Chronicles of Zazzles: Connective Tissue Issues by Alexix Emery (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)
  7. Beside Brittany by Jessica Cassick (Bullying and abuse)
  8. We Heart Nolan by Jessica Cassick (Pediatric Transplant)
  9. Adam's Way by April Radder (Spina Bifida)
  10. Hospital Princess by Cheyanne Perry Suarez (Growing up in Hospitals)
  11. The Spectrum Heroes by Written by Alex Moore, Lily & Seth Goldyn, & Jessica Cassick (Autism)
  12. Get Your Teeth Clean with Mac and Bean (Dental Health)

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