About Us

ImagineWe Publishers, formerly ImagineWe, LLC, was established in 2016 originally as an independent study for the CEO's masters program. It launched as a way for CEO Jessica to find purpose despite her disabilities, following a terrible car accident that injured her neck and back to the point of no longer being able to work a traditional 9-5 job, and now living for the rest of her life differently.


Our Mission

We are devoted to educating students and people to initiate diversity
and inclusion while inspiring self-agency and self-esteem across the world.


Founder Jessica

When Jessica was cresting the age of twenty-one, she was in a three-car accident that would change her life. She was sitting at a red light and the car behind her never stopped. She left her car that day with many injuries and lifelong disabilities including herniated, bulged, and torn discs, degenerative disc disease, bilateral partial paralysis, and the inability to sit or stand for an extended amount of time or pick up, push or pull anything.

This single, disabled mom, and a survivor of domestic violance had all the odds stacked against her. But there was a fire and a passion inside her, that could not be tamed.

5 years after the accident, while being in graduate school, Jessica was working with her group on Creative Problem Solving. The problem they were brainstorming on was:

"What might be all the ways to pay off my student loans, without needing a nine-to-five job because of my disabilities, while utilizing my passions, talents, hobbies, and this very education that I would like to pay off?"
And ImagineWe became the solution! She worked nonstop for three days on a checklist she created and finished everything including LLC paperwork, website, plans for her first four books, a presentation to turn the company launch into an independent study, business cards, and more.

ImagineWe bookstore

Being a publisher, you should have a plce to sell the books you've published. That's what this store is for. Here in the ImagineWe bookstore you can shop our mission books, memoirs, and childrens books for all ages.

Every single book has a story behind it. A story of overcoming challenges, living with obstacles, or simply sharing the stories to raise awareness.