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Over 60 exceptional, worldwide Chronic Illness Warriors describe how they embrace their chronic illnesses while providing educational information about them along the way. Influential Artists, Entrepreneurs, Advocates, and more celebrate how they have been able to adapt to their limitations and overcome their adversity, describe what they love most about themselves, and share advice for other warriors. Collaborating to paint an extraordinary picture of what it truly means to be resilient, and thrive beyond a diagnosis through passion and advocacy.

Curated by our CEO herself, Jessica Cassick, M.S., PhD(c)

Illustrated by Julia Bartow from IG Account @thechronicallyhonest,

Featuring all of the following amazing warriors: 
Stacey La Gatta, Amy Effenberger, Victoria F. Burns, Casey Stanley, Kate Henry, Kelly, Amanda Osowski, Pamela Bickford, Amy L. Burk, Rachel Sitro, Sydney Kendrick, Jemma-Tiffany Rosewater, Sarah Golden, Dara Klugherz, Natalie Lauren, Natalie Kelley, Jennifer Dawn, Tiffany Kairos, Taralynn Bie, Nikky Box, Samantha Bowick, Louisa Rüggeberg, Keisha Greaves, Wendy Meyeroff, Amy Gietzen, Samantha (Sam) Moss, Tom Seaman, Sandra Hamilton, Maria De Leon, Rea Strawhill, Danielle Marie Turco, Ella Balasa, Jenny Jones, Brandon Mouw, Chelsey Storteboom, Eliška, Kristen Lewis, Andrea Neph, Scott Ninneman, Cydni Fried, Kiara Dijkstra, Kay Mimms, Lauren Jayne, Chantay Haywood, Brandy Haberer, Samantha Smith, Francessca Prado, Katya Kozary, Emily Natani, Annie-Danielle Grenier, Madelyn Saner, Antonia Schwartz, Oliver Collins, Becca Blanckenberg, Allison Tennyson, Johanna Vekara, Dianna Carney, Tessa Hansen-Smith, Amy Courtney, Lynn Julian, Jimmy Fremgen, Cheyanne Perry Suarez, Misti Blu Day McDermott