Hospital Princess


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Written by Cheyanne Perry Suarez

Illustrated by Daniel Butler

About this Book

Ella dreams of becoming a beautiful princess and the hospital might be her castle. Along the way, she meets friends who are similar and different than she is. She learns to find the beauty in our bodies despite hospital gowns, insulin pumps, and more.

About the Author

Cheyanne Perry was born and raised in the sunny state of Florida. She currently resides in the state of South Carolina where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from North Greenville University. She now pursues a master’s degree in creative writing through Lindenwood University. 

Product Details

  • Purpose: Pediatric Illness Awareness
  • ISBN: 978-1-946512-54-3
  • Reading Level: PreK - 2nd grade
  • Age Range: 5 - 8-years-old
  • Paperback: 29 pages
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: ImagineWe Publishers

Other Books by Cheyanne

Cheyanne's first published book (2020) was called Pearl Spots a Friend. It raises awareness about Mast Cell Disorders.

Pearl is a pufferfish who loves to swim, but she is not an ordinary fish. After learning about her illness, she is teased and taunted by the other kids at school. Find out how a new friend, with a similar diagnosis, proves that although they are not ordinary (like all the other fish) they sure can be EXTRAordinarily unique! Together they conquer their limitations and find new ways to race through the things they love to do.

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