April 27, 2020

The Adventures of Daniel Butler

By ImagineWe, LLC Admin
The Adventures of Daniel Butler

Hello! We hope you had a great weekend! Today is our very first guest blog, and our guest means a lot to ImagineWe! Daniel Butler is one of our oldest illustrators! Let us know if you have any questions for him in the comments below.

In the very beginning, before we even launched, we were searching social media and running ads to find the perfect illustrator for our books. If you have taken a look or purchased our books, you might notice that there is one illustrator that stands out among the rest. He is our most sought after illustrator, and Jessica’s personal favorite. When we are thinking about how far we have come over the last four years, we also immediately think of Dan. We are so excited to learn more about his side of the story!

“Hello! I’m Dan Butler; an illustrator and painter, engineer, father of three, and grandfather of one! :) I truly enjoy creating things; be it artistically or building things with my hands. I’ve created over 10 books for ImagineWe (a few that have not been released yet), and numerous paintings, murals, and book cover art. I love to create art that connects with people and inspires them. I enjoy helping writers get their stories out of their heads and on the page.

My very first book with ImagineWe was Eloina Spelloina and a No Good Day. It was imaginative and a lot of fun to throw in everything and the kitchen sink with the art! Jessica wrote in many chances for imaginative imagery and I tried to be as creative as I could. My favorite part of illustrating books with ImagineWe is seeing kids [and adults] enjoy all the artwork and I love it when they get inspired to read, draw, or create their own stories. 

ImagineWe’s books always have a great message and readers can find a little of themselves in the characters. When I think about my favorite pages I have illustrated thus far with IW one page, in particular, comes to mind; page one of the first ‘Eloina’ book, where she’s in a massive library and ecstatic to see all of the books! It took a long time to draw all those details but that’s the fun of it all!

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I create my artwork for the books 100% digitally using my iPadPro and Apple pencil in a fantastic app called Procreate. It’s almost like drawing on paper.


Call to action. Check out and purchase some of the books that I have illustrated! You can also buy original art from your local artists. It helps build the arts culture of your community.” 

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The Adventures of Daniel Butler